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Welcome to AA Plus Mel Buyer Advocate

Helping Buyers to find the Perfect Real Estate Opportunities at Right Prices

Owners Advocate

• Free Periodic home condition inspection report (with photos) every 3-6 months.
• advice on whether repair or replacement is required.
• Regularly check that rents match market conditions and provide sound advice.
• Advance notice of lease expiry.

Buyers Advocate

Simplify Your Home or Investment Property Purchase: Say Goodbye to Stress and Uncertainty.
With Our Expertise, You'll Feel Confident Knowing You've Found the Perfect Property in the Ideal Location, at a Fair Value.


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AA Plus Melbourne

Our Dedication to Quality: We Concentrate on Handpicked Melbourne Suburbs and Limit Our Clientele to Provide Personalized Attention. We Believe That Devoting Ample Time to Each Search is the Key to Delivering Exceptional Results for Our Clients

Unlocking the Perfect Property: Our Expertise in Assisting Homebuyers and Investors to Find the Ideal Real Estate Investment at the Best Value.

We are dedicated to ensure that your investment property can get the maximum return on investment. We have always been adhering to: maximise the returns of our landlords to, while serving and managing tenants well, AA PLUS MEL intermediary provides you with Combining the expertise of the local rental market, we will provide you with an exclusive and customized service.


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